Give Kids a Reading Start in Delaware

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One adult + one child + one book = MAGIC

Each week, our volunteers read to preschool children one-on-one for 5 to 15 minutes in childcare settings throughout Delaware. Countless studies show that reading aloud to children beginning at birth helps them develop good speech patterns, improves their vocabulary, enhances their comprehension, sharpens their listening ability, increases their attention span, fosters a greater knowledge of the world, and encourages a livelier imagination---all skills needed in order to perform well in school and in life.

Your gift will ensure that Read Aloud Delaware continues to recruit, screen, train, and manage a large team of volunteers who read to the children of Delaware. All of us like stories. As an adult, you like to hear stories of how your donation has changed someone's life. Children like the experience of having the undivided attention of a caring adult each week. Our goal is to recruit and place enough volunteers so that every child has a reading session with one of our volunteers each and every week. Won't you help us open the world of stories to the children of Delaware?